Your B2B company's voice throughout the sales cycle and customer journey

I’ve always loved a good challenge. Luckily there’s no shortage of these as a content strategist/writer for business-to-business (B2B) companies that value a customer-driven approach to marketing.

Sometimes lengthy sales cycles require a more elaborate customer journey in order to drive sales.

Other instances require a breakdown of multiple communication barriers when there’s more than one audience to consider and persuade.

And then there’s industry trends or new customer challenges that might warrant a total pivot.

I’ve found there’s one common thread in telling and selling hundreds of B2B companies’ stories. They have a lot of heart. They’re super passionate about what they do.

And it's time to share more of THIS instead of erring on the side of safe. Because customers want more from these businesses—more human. More truth. And more transparency.

I can help you acheive this. I can help your customers really SEE and EXPERIENCE your offering in a way that makes sense to THEM.

If you see the value in creating a meaningful customer experience, I'm certain I'm the right partner to help you implement a customer-driven approach that connects with, builds trust and long-term loyalty with your people.




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